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Desert City Classic is Arizona's biggest Fitness Competition - Bringing together our love for Community, Fitness, and Fun into an action-packed Fitness Competition.


The desert, as portrayed in the Bible, represents a place of solitude, challenge, and self-discovery. It is a vast and untamed landscape that tests one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fortitude - leading to holistic health and resilience. 

Desert City Classic is more than just a competition and although the name may make you think of arid conditions, extreme temperatures, and unique wildlife, the name has deep meaning and vision. 

Our vision is to create an atmosphere and experience where athletes and communities can embark on a transformative journey together; discovering their purpose and calling by going through the desert. 

“Sent into the desert by the Spirit for the Test.” - Matthew 4:1



The first step of qualifying to compete in the Desert is through the Desert City Online Qualifier. Top athletes who finish in a certain ranking earn their spot to compete.

Current Qualifier Divisions:

- Elite Individual

- RX Individual

- Intermediate Individual


In July, registration for teams and individual divisions not in the qualifier opens to athletes.

Current Open Registration Divisions:

- RX Teams of 3

- Intermediate Teams of 3

- Community Teams of 3

- Community Individual

- Masters Individual


Top athletes in the Elite division will be able to bypass the Desert City Online Qualifier to compete in November. Invitations are based on past performances in various events. A maximum of 9 invites will be available for men and women with an additional 10th spot reserved for the 1st Phorm Monster Games champion.

Our History

MAY 2021

1 Day (Individuals)

61 Athletes 

200 Spectators 

The event was born out of CrossFit Incite in Mesa, AZ as a local throw-down for the Valley.


1 Day (Teams of 2)

112 Athletes 

300 Spectators 

After hearing the needs of the community, we implemented a team event that same year.


1 Day 

135 Athletes 

500 Spectators

We expanded to two competition floors and athletes from 10 states including the entire southwestern part of the US joined the competition.


2 Days 

420 Athletes 

2,000 Spectators 

We rebranded, expanded to two days, and brought the competition to Arizona State University. Not only did we triple the athlete count, but we saw the community represent in a huge way!


3 Days 

650+ Athletes 

3,000 Spectators 

2024 will see more growth with the introduction of an online qualifier for individuals, adding a 3rd day to the competition weekend, and adding a new competition stage (a 3 acre outdoor field) to compliment our two indoor stages and swimming pool.


We will continue to grow our competition in ways that best serve the athletes and spectators and provide a world class experience to all as we forge through the desert in search of wholistic health and fitness.


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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.