Desert City Classic Qualifier

earn your spot on the floor at the 2024 Desert City Classic.

Welcome to the Desert

Arizona State University Tempe, AZ



Athletes from all levels of fitness arrive on the campus of Arizona State University for a top notch experience unlike any other in the region, featuring 60,000 square feet space with two beautifully designed indoor competition floors, an olympic size swimming pool and a 7-acre field. With 10X Games athlete and Affiliate owner Scott Panchik writing the programming there will be a unique experience for Games-level athletes all the way to beginners in the sport to showcase their hard work!


Community Over Everything. 

With over 60 community-driven gyms in the Valley, along with hundreds representing every year, the fitness community is truly thriving in the desert! Our vision is to create an unforgettable experience that unites and strengthens this community. We want athletes to feel the power and support of both their local gyms and the broader functional fitness network.


What Gets Celebrated, Gets Replicated. 

For three days, thousands of athletes, spectators, vendors, and fitness enthusiasts come together to celebrate with their friends, family, and community. Desert City Classic is more than a competition; it's an experience that celebrates the heart, mind, soul, and strength of individuals, families, and communities!

Desert City Classic 2024










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Online qualifier for 2024 Desert City Classic Individuals. Elite, RX, and Intermediate individuals will all participate in the qualifier to earn their spot on the floor at the 2024 Desert City Classic.


Our Partners

The 2024 Desert City Classic is only made possible and more interesting by our sponsors of events, vendor village, and location. We thank each and every one of you.